Nashville 2023

80-85 108-121 86-103 Notebooks. Standard magnetic pads MNM-51 Adhesive magnetic note pads MNA-52 Magnetic stickers MNS-53 82 83 84-85 Stapled notebook NBS-71 Glued perfect bound notebooks NBP-72 Hard cover notebooks NBH-73 Hard cover notebooks NBF-74 Hard cover notebooks NBT-75 110 111-113 114-120 121 121 Standard note pads A4, A5, A6, A7, SNN-61 Standard note pads in carton covers SNC-62 Angle cut note pads SNA-64 Standard note pads in hard covers SNH-63 Note pads in paper boxes SNB-65 Desk pads SNP-67 Note pads in non-paper boxes SNT-66 Spiral pads SNS-68 Wiro bound note pads SNW-69 E-sticky Binders / clipboards 88 89-90 91 92-93 94-95 95 96-97 97 98-103 124 125 Magnetic note pads. Standard note pads. 8-15 Eco products. 104-107 Calendars. 122-125 Other products. 126-127 INDEX of products Brands and trade mark names used in this catalogue belong to their owners and were only shown as examples of their applications on advertising products. These notes can be used time and again, which reinforces brand recognition and guarantees maximum promotional effect. We offer a wide range of interesting proposals that have been tested on many markets and advertising campaigns. Working with us you will benefit from our vast experience in designing quality promotional materials, short turn-around times, competitive prices and favourable terms of cooperation that are the hallmark of our approach to business. Adhesive note pads. Z-notes. New products. Note cubes. 16-65 66-69 2-7 76-79 Adhesive note pads ANA-11 Adhesive note pads in carton covers ANC-12 Indexes in carton covers ANM-13 Adhesive note pads with pen (pencil) ANP-14 Hard cover booklets with adhesive note pads ANH-15 Hard cover boxes ANB-16 Shaped adhesive note pads ANS-17 Display note pads AND-18 Etui note pads ANE-19 Adhesive note pads in PP covers ANL-11 Translucent adhesive note pads ANT-11 Adhesive note cubes CNA-31 Adhesive note cubes in covers CNP-33 Standard note cubes CNS-32 Adhesive memoboards MBR-41 Adhesive posters MBP-42 Z-notes dispensers ZNB-22 18-19 20-32 33-37 38-41 42-50 51-55 56-58 59-62 63 64 65 72-73 74 75 78 79 68-69 Adhesive memoboards. Searching for the best promotional product? We are proud to offer printed adhesive note pads and variety of other branded and advertising stationery. In our catalogue you will find many options available to you that can turn a plain note pad into a creative marketing tool for your company. Adhesive, printed note pads are particularly effective and attractive as promotional materials because of their universal appeal and usefulness. 70-75